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12 Important Tips For Training Dogs

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why train dogs

Why Train Dogs?

The answer is simple – “Happiness!”

A trained dog is obedient and happy. It knows how to behave, understand the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” and thus keeps the owners (pet parents) and members of the family happy. It does not jump at visitors or unnecessarily bark at them, thus they will also be happy.

This happiness has many facets:

  1. The dog understands the boundaries set for him and remains within it, thus the owner need not shout at him or confine him.
  2. Since the dog behaves well with visitors, there is no need to rush to kennel or chain the dog, if it is free during a visitor’s arrival.
  3. The dog does not bark unnecessarily and disturb the owner or neighbours.
  4. The dog remains safe without rushing from an open gate or get loose from the leash, since a call from the owner keeps him from straying.
  5. Children and elderly people will be safe with a trained dog.
  6. It is easy to take him to a vet or to take him in a vehicle due to the minimum fuzz.
  7. Due to the proper behaviour both at home and outside, a trained dog can be ideally termed as a ‘Canine Citizen’.

12 Top Tips for Training Dogs

dog training tips

  1. Train yourself in the training methods before training a dog. An untrained trainer will only spoil the dog.
  2. Have a genuine love for animals.
  3. Always praise the dog for a positive response.
  4. Create the right atmosphere for the correct response.
  5. Don’t inflict pain for mistakes.
  6. Be very patient yet firm.
  7. Repetition is the key for success.
  8. Train the dog in different places and amid different distractions.
  9. Always be methodical and follow a correct pattern in the training schedule.
  10. Train at short intervals as prolonged sessions cause burden.
  11. Understand the requirements of the owner.
  12. Train the owner(s). It is as important as training the dog.

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