Pet Resorts

A pet resort is a home away from home for your pet while you are unable to look after them due to travelling or any other commitments. For those who want to ensure their pet is well taken care of, then you certainly need a good pet boarding home.

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Why do you need to use pet houses?

Pet boarding or pet houses are becoming very popular of late due to the increased travelling of pet owners, nuclear families and extra care being given to pets compared to the olden days. These houses provide a safe and clean environment with dedicated and generally trained staff. These are exclusive establishments which provide extra care to the pets depending on their lifestyle and background. Some other advantages are:

  • Some resorts provide AC kennels, dedicated & specialised diet, swimming pool etc. which make a huge difference in their happiness. From music to toys, some resorts ensure pets get everything they need to be happy.

  • Usually, pet resorts offer large and comfortable spaces where they can easily roam around and enjoy.

  • The pet gets 24-hour expert supervision.

  • Most of the pet resorts provide pick-up and drop-off facilities.

A pet resort is an integral part of the Cochin Dog Training Academy. This is an ideal place where you can keep your pets safely & comfortably. The facilities that are provided at the resort are:

  • Calm, cool and serene environment

  • Spacious, clean and airy rooms

  • Large, fenced and shady play area.

  • Clinic for treatment.

  • Home cooked or packed food available as per choice.

  • An experienced veterinary doctor.

  • Pick-up and drop-off facilities

  • ompassionate & experienced staff.

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