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Cochin Dog Training Academy and Pet Resort is the first Govt. recognized dog training institution in the private sector in Kerala. Promoted by a team of Dog Training Professionals, ex-Indian Army


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” - Anonymous

Are you fond of dogs? Thinking of a career where you can be with your favorite companions always? Have you thought of being a dog trainer? But before proceeding further, you need to have a deeper understanding of dogs, their physical emotions, psychology and behavioral pattern. We know what it exactly takes to become an excellent dog trainer and we will help you.

Join today in CDTA’s dog training courses and realize your dreams of being an expert dog trainer.

We are offering the following course in Dog training:

Certificate Course in Dog Training (CCDT)

Aim of the Course: To enable a person to positively transform the Behaviour of a Dog through Humane methods

Course Content:  To teach training of dogs in Basic and Advanced obedience. Basic Training in Guard, Sniffing, Show training and Tracking will also be given. Those who have the right aptitude and inclination will be given opportunity to continue the training in all specializations up to an optimum level on completion of one month.

Duration:  21 days

Number of seats:  10

Course starts:  First week of every month

Contact No:   +91 96056 13476

Course Syllabus

Sl no Lesson plan
1 Brief history of dogs:
Man-dog relationships, Evolution of the relationship Present day features
2 Special features of the dog:
Loyalty, Friendship, Protection, Adaptability, Sight, Audibility, Scent power
Important breeds of dogs; Indian breeds
3 Working Dogs – Classification
4 Importance of training:
Definition of training, Aim of training, Advantages of training
5 Methods of Training:
Hands on training, Hands-off training – clicker method
Positive training, Positive training- advantages: Training aids
6 Qualities of a good trainer
Mental & physical preparation
7 Understanding a dog:
Energy level ; Temperament ; Intelligence and trainability; Age ;Breed
characteristics; Other factors
Dog Psychology: Pack theory; Establishment of hierarchy ; Body language
8 Communication with the dog:
Marrying up; Talking and commanding; Voice modulation; Importance of gestures
9 Obedience Training: Purpose; Various steps
Basic Obedience; Advanced obedience; Leash free obedience
Distance training
10 Specialized training
Show training
Stacking, movements in the ring, security dogs, guarding and others.
Other working dogs and training
11 Toilet training, Food training
12 Behavioral correction:
Jumping; Biting; Pulling; Digging; Chasing vehicle; etc.
13 Importance of owners training:
   a. Adaptability of a trained dog in his house
   b. Co-opting families in training
   c. Important lessons in owners training
   d. Importance of continued training at home
14 Training aids:
Various types of collars; Types of leashes, How to use them
Punishment, Cruelty to animals
15 Kennel hygiene and management:
Kenneling, Kennel hygiene
16 Grooming: Essential Equipments
17 De-ticking
18 Vaccinations / De-worming / First Aid
19 Introduction to breeding
20 Introduction to Dog Nutrition
21 Introduction to specialized training
22 Transportation of Dogs:
By road, By air, By train
23 Selection of a pup:
How to select a pup, Factors to consider before choosing a pup, Puppy Aptitude Test
24 Bringing home a pup:
   a. House breaking
   b. Puppy proofing a house
   c. Initial handling – Feeding
   d. Puppy nutrition
   e. Initial training at home
   f. Making and putting bench marks
   g. Toilet training
   h. Feeding
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